Making Business More Personal

We have also come up with a new tagline for the business:


This is something we live by. Whether it is a visit from the owner of the company for a surprise lunch, a sweet gift at the holidays to thank you for your business throughout the year, or a simple follow-up phone call to ensure you are happy with your order, we strive to make your experience at Classic Touch Embroidery a memorable one.

5 Tips to Keep Your Staff Busy During a Slow Season

o-SLOW-BUSINESS-facebookCheck out this article from, on how to keep your staff busy during a slow time of year!

“5 Tips to Keep Your Staff Busy During a Slow Season”

Here’s the abbreviated version:

1. Organize

2. Follow up with Clients and Customers

3. Review your Marketing Strategy

4. Take an Inventory of Products

5. Have Follow-up Group Meetings and Discussions

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