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When selecting apparel for your company it’s important to get the most out of your choice. The US is the most overworked nation in the world; our clothing will get a lot of wear in more ways than one. Adding customization to your clothing creates reliable brand recognition, and with embroidered apparel it’s smart to get the most out of your investment. Choosing the most effective embroidery placement for your company clothing can entice remembrance and increase brand recognition.  To determine perfect placement for your custom embroidered clothing, read more.

In the embroidery and screen-printing business, polo shirts are the customers’ most common choice. For screen-printing, short-sleeve t-shirts are the popular pick. On any shirt, sweater or pullover, the common trend is to place the embroidered logo and company name on the left chest. Some clients prefer to separate the name and logo, in which case the name is placed on the right chest, logo on the left.

An insider’s tip: it’s becoming the ever-increasing trend to place both the logo and company name on the right chest. It’s placed strategically so that during employee-to-customer interaction, such as during a hand shake, a person will view the right chest immediately when shaking the right hand.

Want to think outside the box with your company this year?

Think differently about placement for unique employee apparel such as sweatshirts, sport-performance clothing, pullovers, raincoats, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, or scarves.

For men and women’s button-down shirts, placement is common on the left chest, oftentimes the side opposite the breast pocket. Also the right and left bicep, right-side collar tip and sleeve cuff.

Certain pullovers and jackets, often in the sports apparel industry are retro-fitted for a logo of a certain size. Many products for athletes place logos on both the front, back and side to achieve maximum exposure. With sport performance clothing it’s common to find a small logo on the back of neck, on the upper sleeve between the elbow and shoulder, on the outer hem of a hood, or the top cuff of the sleeve.

Get the most out of your choice to customize: and think about the placement of embroidery or screen-printing design for your company apparel.


About Classic Touch Embroidery:

Classic Touch Embroidery is a custom embroidery and screen-printing service providing apparel and promotional products for all of your business’ needs. Founded in 1994, owner Debbie Duffield has been involved in the sewing industry for over 32 years.  CTE believes in educating our client and she has a zeal for matching the right product to her client’s needs. Classic Touch Embroidery has over 2 million products a few clicks away and will find the essential product for you: visit or call 856-381-5144.

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