The Benefits of Great Promotional Giveaways

The Benefits of Great Promotional Giveaways

May 6, 2015 7:43:12 PM / by Rachel Rodgers

Customers love giveaways, mostly because they’re free gifts. But the greatest giveaways are practical, useful, and let’s just face it, cool.

Giveaways are an effective benefit for companies, increase brand awareness and expand your customer base. Other than giving potential customers a constant reminder of your company, giving out useful promotional products offers a great impression. When it comes to sales, promotional products are more effective than radio, online advertisements alone. Plus, 90% of recipients use the product once a week or more. 

Here are some stats on Promotional Giveaways from

We carry techie promotional products as giveaways for your clients or co-workers. All products are  available to be customized with your company’s logo screen printed on the product.

Check out some of these techie products, such as slim wireless powerbanks, USBs, and chargers, smart practical giveaways that anyone could use.

Also, see more hot techie products from our previous blogs, or on our site. 

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About us:

Classic Touch Embroidery is a custom embroidery and screen-printing service providing company apparel and promotional products for all of your business needs. Founded in 1994, owner Debbie Duffield has been involved in the sewing industry for over 32 years.  CTE believes in educating the client. Debbie has a zeal for matching the right product to her client’s needs. Classic Touch Embroidery has over 2 million products a few clicks away and will find the essential product for you: visit or call 856-381-5144.

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