The Latest Techie Products to Promote your Business

The Latest Techie Products to Promote your Business

Mar 18, 2015 2:53:00 AM / by Rachel Rodgers

At the ISS and Expo East show at the Atlantic City Convention Center this weekend, there were millions of new items in the industry, especially techie products.

NEW for 2015, here’s some hot new techie items for employees, clients, or a special event. These are our recommendations:

1. Selfie Stick

Taking self portraits is all the rage on social media. These are great for a company that needs employees to photograph coverage at large events too. This handheld tripod is adjustable,  the device is portable for your smart phone, and completely retractable and compact. It also has a remote component near the end of the stick so you can snap the photo and hold the stick with one hand. It may be the next big thing since the video camera, or it may be just a narcissistic fad of the year, but one thing’s for certain, the selfie stick is trending around the world. See it here:


2. USB/Outlet/Car Charging Adapter

With 2 USB plugs, an AC wall outlet and a car charger, this multi-functional device is the perfect charger with extreme practical use. It contains 4.8A total output, delivers high speed charging to all latest devices.
and charges two tablets or devices simultaneously at full speed!


3.  Power banks

Power banks are the greatest techie accessory: they eliminate practically all need to be in close proximity to a power outlet. These slim ultra-compact power banks will supply power for devices like your smartphone, GPS, tablet, computer, iPod: almost anything. There are many high-quality power banks on the market.The most impressive spec with high-quality power banks is the sheer longevity that it can charge. With power banks and other chargers, it’s important to have enough power to withstand the devices it charges. An low-quality internal Lithium battery is risky for your devices, if a low-quality battery is overworked, it can cause an explosion on the device, and in some cases also the power bank itself. Make sure you purchase your power banks from a trustworthy brand, and check the specs to purchase the right amount of power usage for charging your larger devices. A power bank with the capacity of 12,500mAh and  5V/1.5A is the standard –most power banks of this strength will store enough energy equivalent to charging a tablet 2 full times before needing to be connected to a power source. Here’s an entire page of cutting edge power banks to browse:

image  Screen_Shot_2015-05-06_at_3.41.27_PM


Check out these and other new techie products at Tomax USA  and PSL World . Note: Tomax USA and PSL World do not sell directly to customers. They sell to distributors for customization purposes and bulk orders, who then sell to customers at or below retail price.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products for your company, give us a call and we can order them in bulk and get them customized for you with your company’s logo.

See more of our featured items here! 


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Classic Touch Embroidery is a custom embroidery and screen-printing service providing company apparel and promotional products for all of your business needs. Founded in 1994, owner Debbie Duffield has been involved in the sewing industry for over 32 years.  CTE believes in educating the client. Debbie has a zeal for matching the right product to her client’s needs. Classic Touch Embroidery has over 2 million products a few clicks away and will find the essential product for you: visit or call 856-381-5144.


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