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Embroidery has been considered an art form for many centuries. In bygone eras, royals and aristocrats used embroidered garments to act as status symbols. Nowadays, though, people from all walks of life are interested in custom embroidery. If you want to order some products for your business or personal projects, you might be looking for a certain custom embroidery shop that is suited to handle your specific project. Learn more about locating the ideal embroiderer for you.

Today, many custom embroidery companies allow their clients to place their orders on the internet, so geography is of less importance. Before committing to a particular embroidery company, though, there are a number of issues that you consider.

Which Items Are You Planning to Order?

Although nearly all businesses are willing to produce embroidered polo shirts for company proprietors or schools, fewer companies can offer clients the option of ordering custom caps/hats. You need to carefully look at each embroiderer’s product offerings before picking one to handle your job.

If your favorite custom embroidery firm doesn’t have the types of clothing you want to buy, find out if you can get the pieces elsewhere and mail them. Many professionals are willing to put embroidered designs on items that their customers provide. If you are working with an online embroidery company that is not based near you, remember that a custom monogram project may take longer than expected since the items will have to be mailed twice.

There are surely some unique designs you can accomplish with custom embroidery. Some companies, like ours, offer the option of a ‘panel program’. This means that they can order the garment from their distributor in pieces, so the company can embroider on each panel of the garment, like the front back, and sides of a jacket, hat, or canvas shoe (the finished n may not fit on the embroidery machine otherwise), then when embroidery is finished the company sends the panels back to the distributor to finish the garment to it’s final product. Many complex custom embroidered caps or canvas shoes use the panel program. Also ask for this option for leather items, such as jackets, journals, bags or leather luggage.

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Is There Someone Who Can Help You With the Design Process?

If you are like the majority of custom embroidery clients, you don’t have any graphic design experience in your background. Due to this, shops frequently have designers on-staff; they either provide free services or charge a fair price. If you are well aware of the fact that you don’t have the ability to create the graphic for your customized hoodies, embroidered shirts, or custom caps by yourself, look for a business that offers artists’ aid to its customers. Ask the company if they offer their own graphic design and digitizing services, and if this is included in the price.

What is Your Budget?

Custom embroidery companies charge dramatically different amounts for their services. Make sure you look at different price lists prior to signing a contractual agreement.

Source: Article sourced from Custom Embroidery Blog‘s article as found here.


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    Jordan says:

    I’ve been thinking about pitching some personalized monogram items to my boss at work, and I think that being able to do some research first would be good. I’m glad that you talked about getting someone to help out with the design for a monogram. I think that being able to get help from a pro on our logo would be good, and a great way to help my pitch go better! Thanks!


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